Every act of remembering is an act of storytelling. So here’s mine.

It starts with a spotty teenager at a Motorhead gig and ends up at the cutting edge of memory research.

The bellowing fans, the smell of beer and sweat, the thunderous music. When I think back, it’s all so vivid. And it’s all completely made up.

Join me, Eamonn Fleming, writer, performer and ‘O’ level Biologist (Grade C), as I stumble through the amazing world of Memory Palaces, False Memories and Werther’s Originals.

Confabulation is a funny and startling show about not being able to trust a single thing you remember about your past, partly inspired by the work of project advisor and actual scientist Dr Julia Shaw, author of The Memory Illusion.

Eamonn’s electric guitar will be played, recreating the sweaty atmosphere of a Motorhead gig. Slides will be projected (OHP – old school), sweets will be handed out, and there’s even a bit of joining in (though nothing too scary).

Suitable for ages 12+ (contains strong language)

“The idea of the show really ignited people’s interest from the get-go.”

Emma McDowell, Programmer, Harrogate Theatre

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