An Icy Man

An Icy Man is a story about the cold.

On a winter’s night, a woman goes out walking in the snow and encounters a stranger in a frozen field. The next morning, she wakes up and finds that everything has changed …

The stranger in the field appears to be made of snow and ice. He is one of the oddest things that Laura has ever seen, and yet he is also curiously familiar.

Meanwhile, a little girl is lost, alone with a strange man in a strange house in the middle of the snow. She knows that she should not talk to strangers but the man had been so strange that she had almost felt sorry for him.

An intimate storytelling experience, in which audiences gather around a miniature model of a snowbound village, An Icy Man draws on Northern folklore, myths and legends as well as stories of ice and snow.

An Icy Man was made with the support of Summer Sublets and Transform at West Yorkshire Playhouse.

“Saw Matthew Bellwood perform An Icy Man & it was intricate, a bit creepy, romantic and melancholy, and loved theatre all over again”

Maddy Costa

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