Molly’s Marvellous Moustache

By Fidget Theatre

Molly wants to be just like the grown ups. So she asks her Mummy to make her a moustache. With her moustache she can go anywhere and do anything she likes. She can launch an expedition to the heart of the jungle, blast off into space and create incredible inventions.

But being a grown up isn’t all fun. What if Molly has to eat olives and spicy spicy sauce? And what about having to go to work?

Featuring an original music score, playful interaction and lots of laughs, Molly’s Marvellous Moustache is a new theatrical adaptation of the original storybook, written by Andrea Heaton and illustrated by Talya Baldwin.

Suitable for children ages 3 – 7 and their families.

Developed with the support of the Barnsley Civic CARP programme, Harrogate Theatre and The Carriageworks Theatre, Leeds. Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

“Molly’s Marvellous Moustache indicates that the company’s future will be … marvellous.”

Children's Theatre Review

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