This is a play for anyone who ever left home and come back to find everything changed. And for anyone who never went away in the first place.

Simon and Sean’s dad is dead. Returning home from London, Simon is shocked to find Sean in a relationship with a man called Aidan. Sean is irritated by Simon’s new cosmopolitan ways. And Aidan? He just wants to be part of the family.

Attempting to find common ground, they head out for a booze-fuelled night in Gateshead. But before long they’re arguing. What is it about the memory of a childhood trip to Whitby that sets them off? Darts, pints and fists fly across the room, as past and present collide with dizzying consequences. Joining the characters in the pub, the audience is thrust into the heart of one family’s search for truth.

Development supported by Live Theatre, Northern Stage, GIFT and the Kevin Spacey Foundation.

Suitable for ages 14+

“You can sense the buzz developing from Petrification…”

British Theatre Guide

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