Saucy – King Of The Seaside Postcards

By Rich Seam Theatre

They say a picture is worth a thousand words… these ones spoke for a nation!

There was a time when no seaside holiday would be complete without sending home a bawdy postcard to friends and family – a six by four inch cardboard wink, as iconic as donkey rides or kiss-me-quick hats (and occasionally featuring both).

But what about the artists that created these minor masterpieces? Did they always envision themselves drawing buxom women and sex-starved men? Or did they have loftier aspirations? And what happens when censorship threatens to take the sauce from your bread and butter?

Using the true stories of the artists behind these treasured postcards, this funny, bold and surprisingly moving new play explores the value of art, of our morals in a more innocent time, and the Great British seaside holiday itself.

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