The Ghost of Stolen Summer

It’s midsummer in the seaside town of Litherton. Everyone knows Litherton is haunted. They’ve just forgotten why.

Lily is her job. Or at least she was. Now she’s developed a rare neurological illness, and has to stay at home every day whilst everyone else goes to work. She keeps seeing the ghost of the her that could have been.

Bobbie moves in next door. She thinks being a single mum in the loneliest thing she’s ever done. When she starts seeing ghosts, too, both of them learn that being haunted isn’t something you should talk about. People tend to react badly.

Together they realise that a violence buried long ago is resurfacing. Most people have been too busy with their jobs to notice. So they decide they’re going to be the ones to make a stand.

Steeped in English folklore and featuring compelling storytelling mixed with original live music, The Ghost Of Stolen Summer is an urgent new story inspired by real people’s accounts of the impact of socially isolating events.

Commissioned by Harrogate Theatre, the Ghost of Stolen Summer will premier in early 2021 with a short regional tour, followed by national touring later that year.

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