The Slow Songs Make Me Sad

By Chloe Bezer

A rollicking night of cabaret storytelling about post-natal depression??!!

Ten years ago, Chloe started writing a show. It was RAZAMATAZZ. It had a clown, and songs, and something about a grand piano.

But then she had kids (which was tricky) and life got in the way. And that show never quite made it through.

Now she’s a decade older, Chloe’s decided she’s going to make her comeback and finish it off. This is her chance to make a mark. To deal with the Big Stuff. To leave an inheritance for when she’s gone.

With a cheeky glint in its eye and a steely determination to talk about all the things you’re meant to keep quiet, The Slow Songs Make Me Sad blends together hilarious clowning, heartfelt storytelling and raucous cello songs.

This unusual solo piece sees charismatic writer/performer Chloe Bezer tell a very personal story that shines a light on topics rarely discussed on stage or in literature.

Her charming performance offers an assured presence that moves effortlessly from moments of engaging humour to heart-breaking candour.

As well as dealing with some of the unrecognised hardships faced by new mothers, the show explores our complicated emotional relationships with making music, and the question of what legacy we’re leaving behind.

Never less than enthralling, The Slow Songs Make Me Sad is an unexpected gem – brave, startling, and ultimately life affirming.

“The warmth and intimacy of Chloe's storytelling style made for a thoroughly enjoyable work-in-progress sharing. The autobiographical nature of the content, combined with the live underscore and charming delivery created a truly endearing performance and I'm excited to see the next steps.”

Alison Ford, Programmer, Square Chapel Arts Centre

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