(The Story is Not) Set in Stone

How could they know what they fates had in store for them?

It was in the library that they first caught sight of each other – two people to whom the world wouldn’t normally give a second glance, sheltering within this world of books, amongst the aisles of stories.

Until one day something happened. And everything changed.

An intimate performance in which the audience is seated round a large table, (The Story is Not) Set in Stone is a playful new piece about the places and ways in which we tell stories.

Beginning with a chance encounter in a mythical library (which the characters seem to remember differently every time), the show asks if it’s possible to re-invent our personal narrative. How far back in the story do you have to go to take another path?


Developed in association with ARC Stockton.

To book this show in your venue or for more production details contact us on hello@littlemighty.co.uk

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