LaPelle’s Factory

LaPelle’s Factory is the theatre-making partnership of Olwen Davies and Ollie Smith. They make exciting and strange theatre. They’re messy and weird – and they like laughing at themselves and picking on each other. They collaborate with a variety of artists to re-imagine and recycle, tying themselves in knots and trying not to over-think it.

Both partners of LaPelle’s Factory have lengthy performance histories. Recent highlights including successful touring solo shows, Olwen with her live cinematic performance Fridge Logic and Ollie with his onstage rock ‘n’ roll suicide 27.

Olwen and Ollie often collaborate as devisers and performers with other artists and companies. Olwen works with Zoo Indigo, most recently devising and performing in Blueprint. Ollie regularly collaborates with artist/maker Michael Pinchbeck, credited as co-deviser and/or performer in The man who flew into space from his apartment, Bolero, The Beginning and The End.

Ollie and Olwen are particularly interested in examining relationships and social interactions; egos and alter-egos; liveness and technology.  The pair’s first collaboration Cat in Hell was a comic yet nightmarish magic act, which explored power, control and emotional violence.

Lapelle’s Factory are Company-in-Residence at Attenborough Arts Centre and alumni of the Associate Companies scheme run by In Good Company.

For more information visit www.lapellesfactory.wordpress.comA Tour Pack of current work is also available to download.

“LaPelle’s Factory are an exciting new company. They are intelligent theatre makers who imbue their work with humour. Audiences enjoy their ability to play dark moments alongside laugh out loud moments and to move them into thinking about the subject matter in unexpected but accessible ways. A company to watch.”

Sarah Brigham, Derby Theatre

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