By LaPelle’s Factory

It’s movie night! A night in and a night out all at once! LaPelle’s Factory can’t have you over to their place – the sofa isn’t big enough. They’re holding tonight at the theatre instead.

Using truth, lies and wild fantasies, your two hosts invite you on a hilarious and mysterious journey that crashes through old films, pop delusions and odd expressions of love. They dig up dangerous ground as they encounter infamous couples in stories of romance, madness and loss.

With two winning smiles and a live camera feed, CLOUDCUCKOOLANDERS is a unique exploration of some very peculiar partnerships. It confronts the acts of faith we ask of one another as we try to work out what it means to belong.

And they throw a lot of popcorn about.

Supported by In Good Company.

“...sharply perceptive...the beginning of every twisted note arrives subtly, building slowing from love or worry or an offhand question to a bizarre crescendo”


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