Upon The Stair

By Adam Z. Robinson

Three lost souls, bound to a cursed book. 

As darkness falls, The Storyteller, The Shade and The Musician awaken. Burdened with telling the tales of The Book of Darkness & Lighttogether they bring three ghostly stories to life.

Every page conjures a new horror. What is the strange shape lurking in the reeds? Why is that gruesome figure hiding in your mirror? Whose are the ghoulish steps upon the stair? A trio of macabre tales to unsettle and delight which will linger long after the lights go out.

Using a combination of storytelling, live music and integrated BSL (British Sign Language) and VV (Visual Vernacular), Upon The Stair is a thrilling gothic show like you’ve never witnessed before. 

Upon the Stair is presented is in association with Square Chapel Arts Centre, Harrogate Theatres and LittleMighty. 

“Harrogate Theatre are delighted and proud to be supporting Book of Darkness and Light with this their third
outing Upon The Stair, which marks a daring step-up in ambition for the company. Their productions have always had a strong audience appeal with performances frequently selling out to a wide audience demographic.”

Porl Cooper, Associate Producer, Harrogate Theatre

To book this show in your venue or for more production details contact us on hello@littlemighty.co.uk

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